Multimodal Operations & Simulation

Fehr & Peers is a recognized leader in the area of Multimodal Operations and Simulation. Part of what differentiates us is our commitment to rigorously test and evaluate new data sources (for example, big data), software, and analytical techniques. The insight gained from this effort helps us to recommend the most effective methods for providing our clients with confident answers for their most challenging technical questions. In addition, we recognize that complete answers to traffic operations questions often involve the consideration of multiple modes, so we routinely make the extra effort to capture the interaction of modes in our models and analysis.

The specialized services show below present the types of multimodal projects that we have successfully applied our unique expertise in Vissim, TransModeler, SimTraffic, and others to solve some of the most complex transportation projects in the country.

Expertise in:



Highway Capacity Software, Traffix, VISUM


SimTraffic & More


Freeway & Interchange Improvements


Transit Signal Priority

Safety evaluation

Expert witness services


Alternative intersection and interchanges

Traffic Signal Optimization & Coordination

Corridor & Systemwide Analysis

Congestion Pricing


Railroad grade crossing

Roundabout intersections

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Toll (HOT) Lane Studies


Light Rail Transit (LRT) System


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System

Complete streets analysis and simulation


Recent Experience


  • Wasatch Front Central Corridor Study (I-15), Salt Lake, UT
  • Bangerter/Redwood Design Build Project, Bluffdale, UT
  • Landside Access Modernization Program at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), LA, CA
  • I-880 and I-680 Regional Express Lanes Phase I Project , Alameda and Contra Costa County, CA
  • I-680 Northbound HOV/Express Lane Project
  • US101 Improvements (I-280 to Yerba Buena), San Jose, CA
  • US 101/Holly Street interchange PA/ED, San Carlos, CA
  • SR 92 / El Camino Real Interchange TOAR, San Mateo, CA
  • Bangerter Design Build Project – SPUI design, West Valley, UT
  • I-15 CORE Design Build Project, Salt Lake City, UT
  • SR 55 Widening (I-405 to I-5) PA/ED, Orange County, CA
  • SR 57 (Northbound Widening) PA/ED, Orange County, CA
  • US 2 Trestles Bridge Replacement, Everett, WA
  • SR 65 Corridor Capacity and Operational Improvements Project, Roseville, CA
  • US 50/Watt Avenue Interchange PR/ED, Sacramento County, CA
  • I-680 Southbound HOV Gap Closure Project, Contra Costa County, CA
  • I-80/SR 65 Interchange and Freeway Corridor Project, Roseville, CA
  • SR 138 Environmental Documentation Support, North Los Angeles County, CA

Transit Operations

  • Purple Line LRT, Maryland
  • Provo Orem BRT, Utah County, UT
  • Caltrain Electrification Project EIS/EIR, San Mateo, CA
  • Geary Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit, San Francisco, CA
  • 19th Avenue Light Rail Transit Study, San Francisco, CA
  • AC Transit Line 51 Transit Performance Initiative (TPI) – Transportation Analysis, Alameda County, CA
  • Integration of Exposition LRT Phase 2 Colorado Corridor, Santa Monica, CA
  • Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Four Quadrant Gate Study, Los Angeles, CA
  • Alaskan Way/Elliott Bay Seawall Project, Seattle, WA
  • Sugarhouse Streetcar, Salt Lake City & South Salt Lake City, UT

Multimodal Corridor Operations

  • West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor Plan, Fort Collins, CO
  • Brighton Boulevard Cycle Track, Denver, CO
  • Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan, Los Angeles, CA
  • Congestion Management Program and Corridor Operational Performance, Orange County, CA
  • Gateway Cities Transportation Strategic Plan Phase II , Los Angeles County, CA
  • California High Speed Rail EIR, San Francisco to Merced Segment, CA
  • Downtown Denver Circulator Study, Denver, CO
  • Better Market Street, San Francisco, CA
  • Easton Place Development Roundabout Study, Sacramento County, CA
  • Marin Civic Center Drive Design, San Rafael, CA
  • 4700 South – Innovated Continuous-Flow Intersection (CFI), Salt Lake County, UT
  • Monterey Avenue Signal Coordination Study, Palm Desert, CA
  • Tideflats Area Transportation Study, Fife, WA
  • LAX Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility Programming and Planning, Los Angeles, CA
  • Apple Campus EIR, Cupertino, CA

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