FP Think is our latest initiative to enhance our clients’ understanding of how disruptive forces in technology, demographics, and socioeconomics may affect their transportation planning decisions.  The content on this page will evolve over time to be responsive to changes in our society and world.

Autonomous Vehicle Research

We’ve compared the results of seven MPO models from across the US to determine their sensitivity to the foreseeable effects of autonomous vehicles and consider their influence on the regional planning process.

Disruptive forces in transportation planning & policy

Now in its third year, FP Think is taking a deeper look at the transportation policy and planning implications of several emerging disruptive forces.  In an effort to help our clients plan for an uncertain future, we’ve identified several transportation planning and urban policy elements that will likely be most affected.

Transportation Network Companies

Next-Generation Valet Services

Scenario Planning in an Age
of Uncertainty

Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

Electric Bikes

Autonomous Vehicles

Transportation Aggregators


Carsharing Applications

Electric Vehicles

Delivery Vehicles

We’ve developed a tool for basic future scenario testing of the trends above

TrendLab+ allows you to compose scenarios for 16 factors related to trends, including job market health, fuel prices, social networking, autonomous cars, and vehicle ownership.  You can then instantly see the effects on VMT per capita (based on published research) conducted for each factor, which enables a range of scenario testing to inform decisions about future transportation investments.