We Are Not the Average Corporate Team.

Our supportive work environment is defined by providing the elements required to run a successful business for transportation engineers and planners. They are professionals in planning roadways, intersections, traffic signals, parking solutions, interaction of travel modes, transit, bicycle & pedestrian design, engineering, and many other specialized areas that improve communities.


We collaborate.

We work together, share our knowledge, and collaborate on a variety of projects. This is a supportive environment with several resources for mentoring. We are encouraged to proactively look for ways to raise the bar and influence the company to improve.

We love to learn.

The average tenure on our team is nearly 10 years. We are glad to be an innovative and continually-learning group that participates in a larger corporate team and directly influences our business.

We are visible.

We are a visible part of company culture. We maintain work (and fun) relationships with staff throughout the company, and participate in working groups that focus on business services, communication exchange, and personal development.

We are leaders.

We have a wide range of opportunities for leadership. Whether it be on the Corporate Administration team, or through partnerships with any of our other teams (Accounting, Communications, Human Resources, and Information Technology), your opportunities to stretch are as far as your abilities will let you.


We "speak" transportation.

Our passion for learning about transportation planning is matched by our desire to create unique business solutions to support project needs.

I am looking for someone who is attentive, loves the nuances of language, and would take a genuine interest in Fehr & Peers’ professional practices and services. In offering advice and feedback to our staff, this person will provide insight about the risks undertaken by our professional staff, and thus work with them to protect our company.

Daniel | Legal Counsel

I’m passionate about the work our company does to improve communities, and our role in sharing the risk associated with projects and offering solutions to mitigate those exposures. I’m looking for someone that I can partner with on projects, and collaborate with to find unique solutions.

Gillian | Contracts Administrator

Hear from the Director of Administration, Christine...


Corporate Administration provides the elements required to run a successful business. By doing so, our engineers and planners are able to concentrate on developing effective and innovative transportation solutions that improve communities. Our fundamental desire is to find solutions, provide options, and develop resources.

For the Fehr & Peers community, we need a person who has the ability to collaborate with staff around the firm, relate to their needs, identify solutions, and find effective ways to implement those solutions.

For the Administration Team, we need a person who can continually build the team confidence and trust.  This means empowering members to express diverse opinions without reprisal, make mistakes without feeling diminished, and feel genuinely valued for their contributions.

For me, I’m looking for a person who exudes our core values and has finesse for influencing optimal solutions for a variety of projects. A passion for helping others and anticipating challenges is key. The ideal person would be team-oriented, self-motivated, and a strategic thinker who can thrive within a non-bureaucratic culture.

Hear from an engineer/planner...

Dan Rubins | San Jose office

I rely on Corporate Administration to make sure our commitments for each project are fairly outlined in each contract that we sign with the client. As one of the first services our clients experience, I consider Corporate Administration a trusted partner that helps set-up each project for success. They help make my job as a project manager easier, because I know that they have my and the company’s best interest in mind. I’m confident that I can do my work without worrying as much about legal compliance, and know that with their help, I’m able to create a solution that both we and the client can work with. No matter what the project, I know that they are a vital component to helping us improve communities.

More About the Role

Our Corporate Services teams provide solutions and support to our 14 offices in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Washington DC!  Our 270-person, industry-leading firm is committed to investing in our staff through training and professional development opportunities and has an excellent office environment.

We are seeking a talented and motivated Contracts Administrator to join our Corporate Services team providing support to our in-house counsel and Director of Administration. We value work-life balance. We provide competitive benefits and regular hours in a non-litigation environment.

The role encompasses, among other responsibilities:

  • Reviewing professional service contracts for potential risks such as ambiguities, omissions, and uninsurable exposures
  • Assisting with drafting contract provisions to eliminate or mitigate potential risk
  • Being able to effectively articulate contract risk to internal Project Managers
  • Ensuring proactive maintenance of contract documentation and resources
  • Facilitating compliance with various professional licensing laws, rules, and regulations


  • Bachelors of Science or Bachelors of Arts degree
  • 3-5 years of experience in either the legal, insurance or administrative field
  • Desire to work in a collaborative environment
  • Proven ability to build and maintain strong internal and external relationships
  • Strong administrative skills, including research, data collection, tracking and follow-up
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills with the ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
  • Experience working in a professional business environment
  • Ability to communicate both orally and in writing in a fashion where contract/policy interpretation is clearly articulated and understood by those involved
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Attentiveness to detail

Ready to apply?


Fehr & Peers offers a competitive salary and benefits package.
Beyond that, we’re an extraordinary place to work.
As an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, Fehr & Peers welcomes all to apply including veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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