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In reference to a traffic study conducted by our Roseville office, a councilmember shared,”…I just wanted to tell you that I’m very very impressed with what you did in terms of the thoroughness of it all and a lot of the questions that I had literally, I found in the staff work itself…”

Citrus Heights Council Meeting

“I just want to thank you again for creating a culture within your organization that empowers and enables your team members to deliver the highest customer satisfaction and work product. They never cease to amaze me and exceed my expectations. I always feel like I am getting a great value by working with your team as the projects we work on get awards, highlighted at conferences, and become best practices or other jurisdictions call us for information and want to emulate what we are doing. That comes from the passion that your team brings to the table!”

City of Carlsbad


“Your team was able to manage the budget for the project well and meet and in some cases exceed the deliverables as prescribed by the contract. All of the products were delivered on time and of the highest quality. This quality speaks highly of the Fehr & Peers quality assurance process.”

Utah Transit Authority


“I have found Fehr & Peers to be particularly effective in studies that involved complex operational issues or controversy. Recent projects that they have been involved in include the evaluation of a proposed expansion of the Galleria Mall along with the preparation of a site access traffic analysis, preparation of plans and specifications for multiple traffic signals, and the design and layout of triple left turn lanes at a major intersection within the City. With all of these projects, I have found their staff to be responsive and knowledgeable. They are clearly leaders in the transportation field and highly respected by me, my staff, and the City of Roseville.”

City of Roseville

“Thanks so much for spending time with us and walking us through some of your excellent work.  In addition, your work on Direct Ridership was well-presented and my team learned a lot simply from breathing the same air.”

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

“I wanted to drop you this note to indicate how incredibly fortunate I have been to be your partner on this project.  Brian Welch was an outstanding leader for our Vision Los Angeles team, and Michael Kennedy did an amazing job making sense out of all of it.  And to have the talents of Steve Brown on top of all that has been icing on the cake!  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you enough, but please accept my most sincere appreciation for your expert team, your commitment to something meaningful and your partnership.  I look forward to more in the future.”

Planning Company Associates


“Thank you for conducting a very professional investigation in Thousand Oaks. Your team was patient, courteous and accurate in responding to our many questions. It was also a pleasure just to work with them. The recommendations, ideas and technical suggestions they offered will make an important difference in pedestrian safety in our town. We feel the recommendations are sound and we anticipate projects in the near future that will improve our pedestrian crossing areas. Please let the team know that the City of Thousand Oaks really appreciates their help.”

City of Thousand Oaks

“I was most impressed with the flexibility that Fehr & Peers staff demonstrated… Fehr & Peers staff was always available for additional meetings and small additional tasks without constantly seeking budget and scope adjustments… Should you choose to contract with Fehr & Peers, I sincerely hope that your experience with them will be as good as mine.”

City of Sacramento

“Congratulations to Fehr & Peers and The City of Glendale for their special efforts in designing superb access into and out of the Fiesta Bowl.  I wanted to write to let you know that I certainly noticed all your effort and the payoff is self-evident.”

City of Phoenix

“Fehr & Peers, the traffic engineers have a very good reputation, and I really understand why. After carefully reading the traffic and the TDM recommendations, it was not only easy to understand, but it just seemed really creative, really thinking, and cutting edge. Kudos for hiring high quality professionals.”

Oakland Planning Commission

“I would like to express my admiration to Fehr & Peers that have the foresight to carry out research into this field – transport consultancies usually shy away (ignore even) from such insight research pieces.  From my personal experience, I realised that most consultancies are solely focused on projects that will bring profit in the short term, rather than keeping an eye on longer term transformational impacts.”

UK-Based Transportation Consultant

“I recommend Fehr & Peers as a transportation consultant. In short, their work and deliverables are outstanding, their client interaction is responsive and supportive, and their breadth of knowledge is tremendously valuable. As an RTD employee on the FasTracks program, I work with consultants from a variety of firms on a daily basis and rarely do I encounter a firm with the kind of professionalism and quality work that Fehr & Peers provides.”

Denver Regional Transportation District


“Carrie Modi works at Fehr & Peers, the transportation engineers who helped the City of Richmond put together the bike and ped plan. She spent hours helping us to put this grant together. The data FP produced was essential to be competitive. if we get this grant, a huge thank you goes to Fehr & Peers and their work to help us out. Thank you Carrie.”

*In 2015, the Yellow Brick Road as awarded a $6,209,000 grant from the Caltrans Active Transportation Program. Click here to learn more about the Yellow Brick Road project.

Toody Maher

Executive Director, POGO Park