About Us.

“Our mission is to empower every employee to develop effective and innovative transportation solutions that improve communities.”

Improving Communities

At Fehr & Peers, improving communities is a central theme of our firm’s mission. Our focus on improving communities doesn’t end with our professional consulting – we also support numerous non-profit and inspirational organizations.

Our Core Values

Core Values define the fundamental relationship between the company, our employees, and our business clients.  They are both internal and external.

Internal Core Values reflect this relationship through our most important resource, our staff. Our Internal Core Values are:

  • Fairness, generosity, respect, and openness We feel we are being treated the way we would wish to be treated by a company that emphasizes the dignity of the individual.
  • Personal growth and self-improvement We feel free to advance as far as our abilities will let us. We are constantly striving to improve. The company gives us the flexibility and support we need to succeed.
  • Collaborative environment We work in an environment that encourages sharing knowledge with peers and learning from them.
  • Flexibility that supports life balance We respect the need for flexibility in achieving balance such that work is an important, but not overwhelming, part of life.

External Core Values reflect our relationship with clients, competitors, and others outside the company.  Our External Core Values are:

  • Professional integrity and honesty We are respected as a trustworthy firm.
  • A problem-solving attitude We are known for using innovation and diligence to help our clients in significant ways.
  • Responsive and hard working We have a reputation for providing high quality, superior service that continually exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Operating Principles describe the foundational elements of our style of operation:

  • Entrepreneurship Each employee takes an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving, career development, and growing the firm.  They don’t wait to be told what to do; instead they take the initiative via innovation, creativity, agility, adaptability, and a sense of urgency.  The company’s responsibility is to provide guidance, encouragement, and resources, while the individual’s responsibility is to make things happen.
  • Autonomy/Accountability Each employee is given levels of autonomy commensurate with their position and their record of performance at Fehr & Peers, with a bias towards, “learning by doing” and taking educated risks.  Individuals are given the authority to make decisions and expect to be held accountable for the results of those decisions.  The company does not expect the outcome of all decisions to be perfect, but does expect all efforts to be characterized by: 1) high levels of collaboration and trust, 2) a company-first mentality, 3) a commitment to ensure mistakes are not repeated, and 4) a consistent effort to improve.
  • Self-Discipline Each employee takes full responsibility for fulfilling his/her commitments, thus minimizing the need for company oversight and bureaucracy and maximizing entrepreneurial potential.
Our Brand

Fehr & Peers is unique to many of today’s companies:

  • Bureaucracy is minimized—options prevail.
  • We actually measure the degree to which employees feel the company exemplifies its core values.
  • Collaboration counts—employees of all levels interact and share knowledge on a regular basis.
  • Work-life balance is one of our core values.
  • Employees have the resources they need to be successful—training, mentoring, project support, team-building activities, access to the latest software and technology, and access to experts in the field.
Our Vision
“Fehr & Peers will be the best transportation planning and engineering firm in the nation.”

By “being the best” we mean: Pre-eminence. When knowledgeable transportation professionals meet, they will agree that we are pre-eminent in the field.

When valued clients talk, they will say we offer timely and innovative solutions to transportation problems that provide significant value to our clients and improve communities.

When employees speak about Fehr & Peers, they will say our unchanging core values are vital to being “the best”.

When employees say that they work at Fehr & Peers, others will be envious of their reputation and opportunity.

First choice for professionals
When the brightest and best professionals look for work, they will come first to Fehr & Peers.

When professional leaders discuss innovative solutions to transportation problems, our employees will be in the forefront.

When market conditions, technical innovations and/or client needs change, we will be quick to react.

When other firms want to improve, they will try to emulate our success.

Our Founders

Responsible for the core values and philosophies that continue to be a strong part of Fehr & Peers’ culture today.

Juergen Fehr

Juergen Fehr, a native of Germany, completed his master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Braunschweig in Germany in 1961. After working as a city planning consultant in Germany, he moved to the United States to earn his traffic engineering certification at Yale University. At that time, traffic engineering was an emerging field and the Bureau of Highway Traffic program at Yale was the most well-defined traffic engineering program in the United States. After finishing at Yale in 1963, Juergen accepted a position in San Francisco to assist with planning the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. The project represented state-of-the-art design and engineering challenges. Following the BART project, Juergen worked on transportation projects in the Atlanta, Georgia region. In 1971, he accepted a position in Washington D.C. Juergen’s work experience in urban transportation projects in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Venezuela helped him recognize the important relationship that exists between the economic vitality of a city and the quality of its transportation systems. As a result, Juergen made it his career goal to provide the most efficient movement of people and goods in urban regions while creating and preserving an attractive living environment.

Jack Peers

Jack Peers, a native of England, earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Liverpool. After completing his degree, Jack worked as a civil engineer for five years, mainly in structural design. Jack’s hands-on work experience opened his eyes to the social implications of his work. Impassioned to make a positive impact on the communities he served through his work, Jack attended the University of Birmingham to earn his master’s degree in transportation planning and environmental design. After obtaining his master’s degree, Jack accepted a position in Research and Development at the Greater London Council. During this time, Jack designed transportation solutions throughout Europe and Yugoslavia before moving to Washington D.C. in 1971.

See the full story here.

Jack and Juergen met for the first time in Washington D.C. in 1971 while working for the same transportation planning firm. Juergen and Jack’s professional relationship blossomed while working on a large project in Boston. Jack and his family relocated to Boston while Juergen commuted from Washington D.C. frequently, splitting his time with other projects. Soon after the Boston project was completed, Jack’s work required him to move to Berkeley, California. Jack had planned to return to England, but it wasn’t long before he and his family fell in love with the Bay Area and decided to make it their home. Around the same time, Juergen also decided to move his family back to California to help solve growing traffic and transportation problems in the Bay Area. Jack returned to school in the early 80s to sharpen his business skills and provide better client service. He obtained his MBA and together, Jack and Juergen started dreaming about owning their own firm. Using every spare moment, Juergen and Jack developed a business plan for what would eventually become Fehr & Peers. Jack and Juergen’s hard work paid off— Fehr & Peers opened for business in May of 1985. Jerry Walters joined Jack and Juergen as a partner in the firm. The core values and philosophies that Jack, Juergen, and Jerry established in the firm’s early years continue to be a strong part of Fehr & Peers’ culture today.

What We Do

Fehr & Peers has specialized in providing transportation planning and engineering services to public and private sector clients since 1985. We develop creative, cost-effective, and results-oriented solutions to planning and design problems associated with all modes of transportation. We offer our clients the right combination of leading-edge technical skills and extensive knowledge of the communities in which we work to deliver comprehensive solutions and superior client service. We are nationally-recognized experts who routinely publish original research, serve on national committees, and teach courses to others in the industry. We do this while maintaining our commitment to translating those techniques into practical solutions. Explore our various areas of expertise below.

Bicycle & Pedestrian

Balancing the needs of all modes while offering expert knowledge of best practices.

Specific Areas
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian & Trail Master Planning
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety, including Vision Zero
  • Bikeway Design, Plans, Specifications & Estimates
  • Pedestrians & Bicycle Design Innovations
  • Complete Streets Planning & Design
  • Campus Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning
  • Bike Share Planning & Design
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Safe Routes to Transit
  • Wayfinding Planning & Design
  • Training & Grant Writing
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Forecasting & GIS Analysis
  • Health Impact Analysis

Freight & Goods Movement

Employing a ‘layered network’ approach to ensure solutions are integrated into the multimodal transportation system of a given community.

Specific Areas
  • Major Generator Studies – Ports, terminals, consolidation, distribution centers, and intermodal facilities
  • Site Access & Truck Circulation – Planning including detailed micro-simulation models
  • Freight Travel Forecasting – Models for all goods movement travel modes and mode shift analyses
  • Conceptual Design – of access improvements
  • Loading Logistics – including staging analysis
  • Sustainability Analyses – Energy and GHG emissions assessments
  • Community Accommodations – Including complete streets and multimodal network planning
  • Truck Operations & Safety – Studies on climbing and safety lanes, truck stop, parking and weigh station operations
  • Tolling & Managed Lanes – Assessing the impacts to freight transportation
  • Statewide & Regional – freight and intermodal planning
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems – for commercial vehicles
  • Big Data – Using new data sources to better understand freight patterns and impacts

Land Use & Transportation

Quantifying the effects of various built environment factors on trip generation and mode choice.

Specific Areas
  • Transportation Elements – Comprehensive, General, and Specific Plans
  • Smart Growth – Mixed-use trip generation (i.e. the “Ds”)
  • Transit Oriented Developments – Creating vibrant, livable communities
  • Context-Sensitive Design – including complete streets
  • Intermodal Centers – Ground transportation hubs
  • Campus Master Plans – More pedestrian and transit friendly campuses
  • Entertainment & Special Events – Planning venues
  • Transportation Impact – Assessments for environmental clearance
  • Impact Fee Programs – Fee program imposed by a local government
  • Parking Needs – Financial analysis
  • Shared Parking – for mixed-use development
  • Site Access & Circulation – planning services from start to finish
  • Transportation Demand Management – strategies to reduce travel demand
  • Health Impact Analysis – Assuring that transportation policies consider health impacts

Multimodal Operations & Simulation

Rigorously testing and evaluating new data sources such as Big Data, software, and analytical techniques.

Specific Areas
  • Freeway & Interchange Improvements
  • Traffic Signal Optimization & Coordination
  • High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Toll (HOT) Lane Studies
  • Transit Signal Priority
  • Corridor & Systemwide Analysis
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) System
  • Safety Evaluation
  • Congestion Pricing
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Railroad Grade Crossing
  • Complete Streets Analysis & Simulation
  • Alternative Intersection & Interchanges
  • Roundabout Intersections

Multimodal Safety

Encouraging planning decisions that move people safely, keeping them free from harm in any mode along their trip.

Specific Areas
Click here for recent safety news, valuable references, and industry resources.

Sustainable Transportation

Creating strategies that minimize vehicle travel, enhance travel efficiency, provide economic vitality, and personal choice.

Specific Areas
  • Statewide & Regional Sustainability Strategies
  • Climate Action Plans & Carbon Footprint Analyses
  • Best Management for State, Regional & Local
  • Sustainable Master Plans for Major Developments
  • Travel Model Enhancements for Sustainable Practices
  • Transportation Transit System & Demand Management
  • LEED ND for Transportation at Major Developments
  • Plans for Universities, Activity Centers & Military Bases
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Research & Innovation

Transit Planning

Integrating transit with other critical elements including land use, the roadway system, and the adjacent network of bike and ped facilities.

Specific Areas
  • Transit Master Plans
  • Transportation Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • High Capacity Transit
  • Light & Commuter Rail
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Streetcar/Circulator
  • Shuttles
  • Station Design & Planning
  • Transit-Oriented Developments
  • Ridership Forecasting
  • Safe Routes to Transit
  • Transit Signal Priority

Click here for more detailed information about our experience in transit planning.

Transportation Demand Management

Providing comprehensive planning in TDM program development, implementation, and monitoring.

Specific Areas
  • TDM Plans
  • Master Plans
  • Quantification of TDM-related VMT reductions
  • Alternative transportation studies for research parks, large multi-tenant office parks, and campuses

Transportation Engineering

Integrating design and construction management expertise with extensive knowledge of planning and operations to provide the ideal combination of creative, yet practical solutions for all travel modes.

Specific Areas
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Signal Interconnect Systems
  • Ramp Metering
  • Traffic Signals
  • Bike & Ped Signals
  • Traffic Control/Management
  • Signing
  • Pavement Delineation
  • Complete Streets Projects
  • Traffic Calming Devices
  • Roundabouts
  • Design Build Projects
  • Emergency & Railroad Pre-emption
  • Conceptual Engineering Feasibility Assessments
  • Street, Walkway, & Bikeway Lighting Systems

Travel Behavior & Forecasting

Developing and updating models, and applying innovative techniques that allow travel demand models to capture the interactions between neighborhood-scale land use characteristics and travel patterns.

Specific Areas
  • Big Data & Travel Survey Analysis
  • Direct Ridership Forecasts
  • Impact Fee Nexus Studies
  • Travel Model Development & Application
  • Travel Model Enhancements for Built Environments
  • Travel Model Enhancements for Climate Change
  • High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Toll (HOT) Lane Studies
  • Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models
  • Integrated Demand/Operations Models
  • Dynamic Model Validation
  • Corridor & Systemwide Analysis
  • Transit Patronage Forecasts
  • Congestion Pricing
  • Integrated GIS Analysis

Visual Communications

Humanizing transportation analyses through GIS/spatial analysis, graphic design, and 3D and future conditions renderings.

Specific Areas
Click here for a list of our provided Visual Communications services and to visit our portfolio.

Clients hire Fehr & Peers because of our commitment to being the best at what we do. We live out this commitment in three distinct ways…

We invest heavily in our culture to ensure that we are attracting and retaining the best and brightest staff in the industry.

Our robust, internally-funded research and development program that enables us to develop new analytical methods and advance the state of the practice.

We survey every client at the completion of every project to assess their satisfaction and to identify areas for improvement.

In reference to a traffic study conducted by our Roseville office, a councilmember shared,”…I just wanted to tell you that I’m very very impressed with what you did in terms of the thoroughness of it all and a lot of the questions that I had literally, I found in the staff work itself…”

Citrus Heights Council Meeting

“I just want to thank you again for creating a culture within your organization that empowers and enables your team members to deliver the highest customer satisfaction and work product. They never cease to amaze me and exceed my expectations. I always feel like I am getting a great value by working with your team as the projects we work on get awards, highlighted at conferences, and become best practices or other jurisdictions call us for information and want to emulate what we are doing. That comes from the passion that your team brings to the table!”

City of Carlsbad


“Your team was able to manage the budget for the project well and meet and in some cases exceed the deliverables as prescribed by the contract. All of the products were delivered on time and of the highest quality. This quality speaks highly of the Fehr & Peers quality assurance process.”

Utah Transit Authority


“I have found Fehr & Peers to be particularly effective in studies that involved complex operational issues or controversy. Recent projects that they have been involved in include the evaluation of a proposed expansion of the Galleria Mall along with the preparation of a site access traffic analysis, preparation of plans and specifications for multiple traffic signals, and the design and layout of triple left turn lanes at a major intersection within the City. With all of these projects, I have found their staff to be responsive and knowledgeable. They are clearly leaders in the transportation field and highly respected by me, my staff, and the City of Roseville.”

City of Roseville

“Thanks so much for spending time with us and walking us through some of your excellent work.  In addition, your work on Direct Ridership was well-presented and my team learned a lot simply from breathing the same air.”

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

“I wanted to drop you this note to indicate how incredibly fortunate I have been to be your partner on this project.  Brian Welch was an outstanding leader for our Vision Los Angeles team, and Michael Kennedy did an amazing job making sense out of all of it.  And to have the talents of Steve Brown on top of all that has been icing on the cake!  I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you enough, but please accept my most sincere appreciation for your expert team, your commitment to something meaningful and your partnership.  I look forward to more in the future.”

Planning Company Associates


“Thank you for conducting a very professional investigation in Thousand Oaks. Your team was patient, courteous and accurate in responding to our many questions. It was also a pleasure just to work with them. The recommendations, ideas and technical suggestions they offered will make an important difference in pedestrian safety in our town. We feel the recommendations are sound and we anticipate projects in the near future that will improve our pedestrian crossing areas. Please let the team know that the City of Thousand Oaks really appreciates their help.”

City of Thousand Oaks

“I was most impressed with the flexibility that Fehr & Peers staff demonstrated… Fehr & Peers staff was always available for additional meetings and small additional tasks without constantly seeking budget and scope adjustments… Should you choose to contract with Fehr & Peers, I sincerely hope that your experience with them will be as good as mine.”

City of Sacramento

“Congratulations to Fehr & Peers and The City of Glendale for their special efforts in designing superb access into and out of the Fiesta Bowl.  I wanted to write to let you know that I certainly noticed all your effort and the payoff is self-evident.”

City of Phoenix

“Fehr & Peers, the traffic engineers have a very good reputation, and I really understand why. After carefully reading the traffic and the TDM recommendations, it was not only easy to understand, but it just seemed really creative, really thinking, and cutting edge. Kudos for hiring high quality professionals.”

Oakland Planning Commission

“I would like to express my admiration to Fehr & Peers that have the foresight to carry out research into this field – transport consultancies usually shy away (ignore even) from such insight research pieces.  From my personal experience, I realised that most consultancies are solely focused on projects that will bring profit in the short term, rather than keeping an eye on longer term transformational impacts.”

UK-Based Transportation Consultant

“I recommend Fehr & Peers as a transportation consultant. In short, their work and deliverables are outstanding, their client interaction is responsive and supportive, and their breadth of knowledge is tremendously valuable. As an RTD employee on the FasTracks program, I work with consultants from a variety of firms on a daily basis and rarely do I encounter a firm with the kind of professionalism and quality work that Fehr & Peers provides.”

Denver Regional Transportation District


“Carrie Modi works at Fehr & Peers, the transportation engineers who helped the City of Richmond put together the bike and ped plan. She spent hours helping us to put this grant together. The data FP produced was essential to be competitive. if we get this grant, a huge thank you goes to Fehr & Peers and their work to help us out. Thank you Carrie.”

*In 2015, the Yellow Brick Road as awarded a $6,209,000 grant from the Caltrans Active Transportation Program. Click here to learn more about the Yellow Brick Road project.

Toody Maher

Executive Director, POGO Park

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