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New Built Bikeways

Protected bike lanes, which have been defined as bike lanes with physical separation from motor vehicles that are still adjacent to the roadway, have been increasing rapidly in the United States. Nowadays, many cities are asking for protected bikeways, and more bicyclists are demanding them.

In 2016, our Bicycle & Pedestrian Discipline Group was tasked with designing protected bikeways in several cities across the United States. These protected bikeways are important links in each city’s bicycle network and, in some cases, previously had safety concerns for all modes of transportation. See our recent examples of built bikeways in 2016 below.

Built bikeways in 2016…


Denver, CO

Stout Street, Champa Street & 29th Avenue
On Stout Street, protected bike lanes from 19th Street to 26th Street and buffered bike lanes from 26th Street to Downing Street. On Champa Street, buffered bike lanes from Downing Street to 20th Street. On 29th Avenue, buffered bike lanes and standard bike lanes with protected elements from Platte Street to Sheridan Street.


Berkeley, CA

Fulton Street – Bancroft Way to Channing Way
Protected bike lanes, both with and without parking protection. The City designed the accompanying educational signs on modal separation (where to drive, park and bike).


Oakland, CA

Telegraph Ave, 20th Street to 29th Street
Parking-protected bikeway completed as part of repaving project using striping and signing. Raised islands and transit islands will be added in Phase 2.

Birds-Eye View Photo Credit (above): Bike East Bay 


Santa Monica, CA

Colorado Esplanade
A two-way protected bike lane connecting to the Santa Monica Pier. Includes exclusive signal phases for bicycles, enhanced crosswalks, intersection modifications, realignment of Main Street to intersect Colorado Avenue opposite 2nd Street, improved pedestrian connections to the Santa Monica Pier, and related improvements to cross streets.

How might your community benefit from protected bikeways?